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This community is a place share stories, thoughts, and questions regarding unassisted pregnancy, unassisted childbirth, and natural parenting issues. This community will not give you advice regarding having your baby in a hospital or with a midwife.
We are very PRO unassisted birth. We generally view midwives and hospital births a hindrance.

Unassisted birth (also called free birth or unhindered birth) is giving birth at home without medical assistance. This means no doctor or midwife is present. No one monitors the women and tells her what to do. She gives birth alone, as nature intended. Having an unassisted birth is a very educated, natural and safe choice many families make every day. Some births may be solo (only the woman is there) or some may be in the company of a partner, spouse, sibling or friend. The most important thing is that the birth is the woman’s job and she is in control of her birth. Women who choose to have unassisted births view conception, pregnancy and birth as a sacred, private and natural part of life..

This community allows the posting of birth related topics but it should generally pertain to unassisted birth in some way. Stories about midwifery state laws isn’t UC as we don’t really think home birth with a midwife is always safe or even desirable. We don’t have anything against midwives (and we certainly want them legal) this is just not a midwife related community, it’s for women who want to birth their OWN babies.

If you want a less extreme UC community please visit uc_help here: http://community.livejournal.com/uc_help/

For more information about unassisted childbirth visit: http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com

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