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Hi, I'm new... I actually joined this community some time ago, but left lj for personal reasons.

Well, now I'm back with some questions for those in the Missouri area.
I have had some financial issues and concerns throughout my pregnancy.
Firstly, I don't qualify for Medicaid or any kind of assistance because I don't show up on a pregnancy test.
I tried to take a blood test, however, I have a very severe phobia of needles and hospitals which actually drove me to injure my husband because of the insensitivity of the institution I went to, attempting to have this done.
My poor hunny had marks on his hands for 8 weeks because of this.
I tried to have it done, but they refused to do the regular finger stick like they told us, they wanted to draw vials of blood.
I panicked.

Plus, our insurance isn't covering anything right now because of possibly our deductible, or because they simply don't cover prenatal visits. We called and asked, and they assured us pregnancy wasn't considered a pre-existing condition.
But, they might have changed policy.

Still, I've been looking for a job with no luck, so we can attempt to not worry about the financial side, and it just isn't working.
We can't afford to get the prenatal exam done otherwise!

We weren't trying to get pregnant either, being on 2 forms of birth control.
But now that its happened, I'm looking into options.

Which leads me to the point of my post.
I can't afford a midwife, because my due date is supposedly next month.
And I am afraid that when I check into a hospital, which petrifies me anyway, they'll want my hospital records. Of which I have none.
I am a natural health practitioner, and can easily keep track of my health, and so far am healthy with no deficiencies.
If I do an unassisted birth, what do I do afterwards, to certify the birth, to get the SSN and birth certificate? I really have my hands tied here, and the "free" places, like planned parenthood, and the PCC aren't helping me.
I'm very open to suggestions. Thanks for any help in advance.
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