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Previous Entry :: waves :: New around here.. ^-^ Feb. 20th, 2012 @ 03:24 pm Next Entry
Hi I just wanted to make an introductory post in case this is a really tightknit community.. I just joined today after searching for attachment parenting groups.

I'm 29, and I have 2 living children, 1 who is 11 yrs, who was born at a hospital, and 1 who is 7 yrs old that I gave birth to in a natural freebirth / unassisted childbirth. *^-^*

I suffer from chronic illness too and am mostly trying to navigate the health care system at the moment but I do know if I have more children at some point (if that ever happens for me) I want to have them at home since my birth with my daughter was so peaceful and loving. Although I have a ton of health problems they're not the kind that would interfere in childbirth so I really trust in my body's (and everyone else's really) ability to have babies the way God / nature intended... naturally.. and without help or interference.

So :: waves :: If you have any questions about freebirth feel free to hit me up, I consider myself kind of a expert and am always willing to learn new things too.
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