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Previous Entry Think bloody mucus Feb. 17th, 2011 @ 08:40 am Next Entry
Let's start with my stats.

Second pregnancy. 13 weeks along.
I am breastfeeding my toddler.

Probably unrelated but I'll add that I am sick with a cold and cough.

My partner and I were fooling around. He had fingers inside me massaging my cervix. No discomfort at all.

When he pulled his fingers out there was a thick bloody string of mucus wrapped around his fingers. I am worried we might have worked out the beginnings of my mucus plug.

I googled for a few minutes, but not sure of what exactly to plug in to google.

Does anyone have insight? I have never had something of this consistency come out of me. I'm obviously worried about the baby.

No, I don't have a practitioner... avoiding that at all costs due to my last pregnancy and birth filled with manipulation and intervention.
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Date:February 17th, 2011 04:46 pm (UTC)
I think you're fine. As long as it isn't bright red in colour and you aren't losing more; I wouldn't worry. I've been spotting dark brown "old blood" for two days now and I am not concerned. A lot of changes are happening in your uterus right now, a little mucus doesn't seem like a big deal : )
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Date:February 17th, 2011 04:49 pm (UTC)
It's not uncommon to bleed during pregnancy when your cervix is touched/poked/checked.

Cervical mucous will regenerate, if that is indeed what came out.

No cramping? Bright red blood flow? I think you'll be fine. Just take it easy for today. I hope this helps you feel better!
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Date:February 17th, 2011 05:03 pm (UTC)
If there is no more mucus coming out, if you're not bleeding, spotting, or cramping, you are probably fine. The mucus plug will regenerate. :)

That being said, there is a difference between a penis bumping into your cervix (even bumping it hard) during sex and actually having someone massage your cervix while you are pregnant. Light touch is fine, massage is probably not a good idea. Truly, the cervical massage probably caused a few capillaries to break, which is no big deal. But, especially later in your pregnancy, cervical massage can lead to cervical change (effacement and dilation)--not what you want.
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Date:February 17th, 2011 11:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Ladies. Since I felt fine I wasn't incredibly worried, but better judement said to get opinions. Still feeling great, everythings awesome! Enjoy yourselves!
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